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5 wood products such as plywood, Henan higher sampling rate
Feb 02, 2016

The 5 types of forest products, including plywood, laminate wood flooring (laminate flooring) blockboard, Particleboard, and Bamboo flooring products. According to reports, the countries concerned mainly the 5 products of water, formaldehyde emissions, surface abrasion resistance conducted a sample survey, involving the province's plywood and Particleboard, laminate wood flooring products.

Provincial Forestry Department in charge, in this survey, involving 13 in plywood production enterprises of Henan, there are 2 companies products on the bonding strength of the nonconformance, was 84.6%; 9 Henan laminate wood flooring production enterprises standards, was 100%; 4 Henan Particleboard manufacturers all standards, was 100%.