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Ceiling lining series roll film and coated sheet
Feb 02, 2016

Film faced plywood surface treatments and processes consistent with prepainted sheet, using PVC high light film, pet film magic, compounded in special adhesive surface coating, surface film thickness along the lines of 0.13mm (generic brands are produced. 0.18mm thick film thickness). Pvc high light film has rich of flexible sex and gloss sex and color diversity, completely change has metal smallpox surface single of cold tones; PET magic color film is currently world Shang leading of new green environmental products, it has excellent of durability (resistance waiting sex, and resistance corrosion sex, and resistance chemical sex) and anti-dirt capacity, nontoxic no pollution-, anti-UV, more items superiority can, and application widely, full caters to has people yearning for green, advocate environmental, pursuit fashion of concept. Industry recognized best film is Korea's LG films, many merchants banner of LG films in order to win more of the market. But LG film itself is complex, so the price is relatively high, is not easy to accept that LG films in circulation are not true.