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Plywood industry should go "high-end atmospheric level" course
Feb 02, 2016

He also pointed out that, for the development of wood-frame construction, should develop high-grade engineered wood and plywood.

"China's plywood industry can no longer take a low-end line, you must change the product structure, improving quality and added value. "To this end, Zhu Guangqian suggested that strengthening cooperation with Africa, South America, expanding timber trade; the formulation of relevant policies, encouraging the development of related industries; the State allocates special funds, supporting key countries that import tropical timber to help afforestation, stable international tropical timber resources.

In addition, Zhu Guangqian believes that current problems of China's plywood industry, there are two main areas, one is the most low product quality and grade, waste of timber resources; the second is too many plywood manufacturers, production scale is too small, the production process and equipment behind.