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Buy Door Core Particle Board Has Skill
Jun 19, 2017

Buy Door Core Particle Board has skill
 Door coreboard is the production of furniture, partitions, doors, flooring and other commonly used wood, one of the production of good results, by the people's trust. Plywood manufacturers tell you that the purchase of Door Core Particle Board has the skill.

The Door Core Particle Board is an environmentally friendly wood, according to which free formaldehyde content, can be divided into E0 grade plate, E1 and E2 level. Among them, E2 grade formaldehyde emission ≦ 5mg / L, E grade ≦ 1.5mg / L, can be directly used for interior decoration; E0 level ≦ 0.5mg / L. Plywood manufacturers recommend friends to buy lower formaldehyde emission of the Door Core Particle Board, so when used in the room is also relatively healthy and safe.

Buy Door Core Particle Board, in addition to look at environmental protection, but also pay attention to its quality. First, look at the surface cleanliness of the plate. High-quality sheet surface is no obvious particles, these particles are suppressed by the process into the impurities caused by the impact of aesthetics, and lead to film peeling. Second, look at the surface smoothness of the plate. Directly touch by hand, the more smooth the better the plate, otherwise the processing is not in place. Third, look at the flat surface of the sheet. Surface smooth flat sheet is preferred, from the side looks uneven, indicating that the material or paint problems. Fourth, look at the overall flexibility, poor quality plate hard.
 Now the market sales of a wide range of sheet, plywood, Tiemian Ban, special board, eco-board, and so numerous, but today's plywood manufacturers recommend to you is not the same, and the Door Core Particle Board.

The medium density fiberboard, also known as fibreboard, is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber, the process of adding adhesive or urea-formaldehyde resin made of a high Door Core Particle Board, the Door Core Particle Board And low Door Core Particle Board three.

Plywood manufacturers to recommend you to the Door Core Particle Board, because it has many advantages. First of all, the Door Core Particle Board beautiful appearance, with a good decorative performance, you want to choose a wooden sheet for home decoration friends can consider this plate. Second, in the Door Core Particle Board on the finishing process is very convenient, no matter what kind of paint or paint, can be evenly painted on top of a lot of paint manufacturers will choose the effect of this plate. In addition, this version of the physical properties of good, uniform material, the use of dehydration will not appear, you can rest assured that use.