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Cold Material Plywood Pressure
Feb 02, 2016

Obviously China's real estate market cools, in steel, coke, glass and other building materials commodity futures innovation under the environment of low, plywood futures of its own, outside of factors affecting the delivery of new varieties, there, the fundamentals also play a supporting role. Our plywood needs more references for this year from 2015, real estate sales, and 2014 because the property market just to stress on release, brings positive Qi Sheng real estate market situation, the demand for home decoration is a stage in the lower support.

Deliverable plywood sales channels are limited, demand is unstable. For large real estate related home improvement by using a certain rigid quality requirements of plywood, GB product became one of the select in the spot market, but demand is greatly influenced by factors such as project requirements. Under the influence of setting premiums, sell 18mm plates-oriented delivery and 15mm in the stock market and other non-standard goods turnover rate is higher, and also how the futures market picking up orders into certain pressure on the spot market.