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Common Problem Of Pvc Edge Banding Tape
Sep 13, 2017

common problem of pvc edge banding tape
    pvc edge banding tape in the use of home decoration is more extensive, but it will be used when there are some common problems, we take a look.
    The first problem is that the trimming has a whitening phenomenon, but this is a normal phenomenon, generally due to manual or semi-automatic edge banding machine, because they do not like automatic equipment like polishing function. Edge of the process, if there is soft, tensile deformation, or can not stand the phenomenon of high temperature, because the edge is too slow due to the edge. The second is the phenomenon of sealing, which is due to the temperature is too low caused. If the glue line is too heavy, or there is overflow plastic drawing phenomenon, to adjust the edge machine speed.
    pvc edge banding tape common problem is the two, but do not worry, as long as a good adjustment of the machine, the product can be used normally.
    pvc edge banding tape is often used in furniture edge material, it plays a protective role, so when used to pay attention to the following matters:
    The first is not to PVC furniture edge of the edge of the sun exposure, do not put too dry place, which is to prevent the anti-wood cracking, deformation. The second is not to place in a very wet place, because the wood will wet in the case of wet, a long time the sentence is easy to rot, affecting our use. There is the time in the handling, do not hard pull hard pull, because the edge of the wear and tear is very serious. To be a smooth place, if the ground uneven, to prevent damage to the mortise structure. There is not the top of the weight, can not rinse with water.
    Pvc edge banding tape on the use of attention, Xiaobian first introduced to you here, and everyone in the choice of time to choose according to the requirements.
    pvc edge banding tape in the use of furniture is very wide, but in the use of time often appear to fade and aging phenomenon, the following Xiaobian give you about the specific reasons.
    One of the most important reason is that manufacturers in order to save costs, often in the process of processing and production jerry-building, resulting in the lack of anti-aging ingredients processing, then its aging phenomenon will advance. The second is in the course of the use of maintenance and maintenance is not in place caused. If there is a strong light exposure, high temperature operating environment, these are easy to make pvc edge banding tape aging, discoloration. Because each item has its own suitable environment. The other is in the transport or storage process, the box temperature is too high is one of the reasons.
    PVC aging phenomenon in the use of the process is more common, the key is in the course of our use must pay attention to the use of environmental requirements.
    pvc edge banding tape in today's decoration and furniture manufacturing applications is very much, then it is very important to identify the quality of it.
    Poor quality pvc edge banding tape is the first size does not meet the requirements. Size does not meet the requirements can not be used for a long time, which gives the use of furniture has brought a very bad influence. The second is uneven color, so it will affect its appearance, and sometimes will affect the quality. The third is poor gloss, shiny bad impact is also very large. The fourth is paste, not only affect the appearance, but also affect the quality. Fifth is the lack of filling, that is, lack of plastic. As well as warping deformation and mold removal and other phenomena.
    Poor quality pvc edge banding tape is the performance of these, we must use the time to learn to identify the quality, it is very important.
    pvc edge banding tape is very widely used, but in use for its thickness and size still have some requirements.
    Edge strip thickness can not be generalized, according to the material to choose. Different plates, thickness requirements are different. PVC material of the edge is the thickest, so its protection is the best performance. On the size of the edge band, due to the size of the furniture, as well as the thickness of the plate restrictions, the width is generally not very wide, but the length is not limited. Because for the width of each material is not the difference, but the length is different. pvc edge banding tape requirements for neatness is relatively high.
    On the pvc edge banding tape thickness and size, Xiaobian give you here to introduce, and if you have any questions, you can directly consult manufacturers.