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Door And Hardware Maintenance
Feb 02, 2016

Any household products and maintenance will require commitment, this can extend the life of it is, the end, let us pay attention to cleaning and maintenance of interior doors, to build a new home.

Door across the face of the inner door, clean, bright door door spirits within the home.

For daily cleaning of door you can use soft, dry cotton cloth or silk, wipe. Hard or hard (such as adhesive for dust), cleaning may scratch the surface of media; when the door if the door has severe stains, use neutral detergents or furniture cleaning agent, cleaning stains after the first, then dry-erase. But do not rinse.

If the door panels with resin or metal plates, cleared the surface minor scratches, use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of toothpaste to repeatedly wipe.

If the door panels with wood or paint plates, waxing is effective method to keep bright bright on the surface on a regular basis, and the glass or resin sheet, you do not need waxing.