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Door Core Particle Board Encountered Delivery Bottlenecks
Aug 02, 2017

Door Core Particle Board encountered delivery bottlenecks
October was originally a Door Core Particle Board consumption season, but this seasonal feature is not in the most recent period, the spot price reflected in the spot consumption downturn in the case, last week, Dalian Commodity Exchange Door Core Particle Board main contract The price of a wave of rapid diving. Many analysts pointed out that with the slowdown in real estate growth and the cost of raw materials, such as the core of the slowdown in raw material prices continue to emerge, the future price of the door coreboard or will be further down.
Supply increases
In 2003 China has become the world's largest manufacturer of core particleboard, followed by the rapid development of the domestic real estate industry, Door Core Particle Board industry, the rapid increase in production scale. In 2010, China's Door Core Particle Board production exceeded 100 million cubic meters, after the annual output is still maintained a strong growth rate of nearly 10%. This year the domestic real estate industry suffered a cold, but this has not been reversed to the Door Core Particle Board production industry. From the published data, this year the door coreboard 1 to August cumulative production of 113 million cubic meters, an increase of 8.09%.
Green Futures researcher Liu Bo told reporters that China's door core board production industry access threshold is low, the production concentration is not high, the proportion of small and medium enterprises is very large, they respond to the information slowly, so you can foresee the next few months the Door Core Particle Board Supply growth momentum is still relatively fast.
Reporters surveyed Linyi, Nanxun and other major Door Core Particle Board market, from the respondents' reflections learned that from the beginning of September the Door Core Particle Board demand decline has begun to show the characteristics of merchandise shipments in the Mid-Autumn Festival into a trough , After the Mid-Autumn Festival, despite the increase in shipments, but more than vendors said that in previous years, "gold nine silver ten" very different market, many businesses have to choose none other promotions. September sellers cut prices generally in the 2 to 3 yuan, but with the emergence of tight money chain problems, in October prices have further accelerated the downward trend.
Foreground pessimistic
Although the recent restrictions have been to relax the real estate purchase policy, the central bank introduced a mortgage preferential interest rate policy, but the current situation, the real estate data is still relatively low. Most of the real estate prices in the country continued to decline in the chain, the new housing area started from January to August, a year-on-year decline of 10.5%, commercial housing sales area from January to August, an increase of 8.3% year on year.
And the door core boardboard consumption is directly related to the housing construction area, the completion area growth rate is also in a clear downward trend. Even now is still in the traditional consumption season, blockboard demand side has felt bursts of "chill".
Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shandong region manufacturers said that the characteristics of this season is not very busy, some enterprises in September orders and even less than the traditional off-season month August orders volume. Reporters learned that in Changzhou Benniu Port, Huilonggang two futures delivery warehouse is still part of the Door Core Particle Board spot backlog in the library, and even some of the last year, the door of the Door Core Particle Board has not yet found the buyer.
The main reason for the above problems is that the majority of downstream furniture and other enterprises to buy the bulk of the main, for the delivery of at least one batch (3000) of the number that is difficult to digest, even if the price is lower than the market price is not willing to buy a large number of Of the Door Core Particle Board.
On the other hand, the current market demand is mainly concentrated in the low-end sheet, the exchange of goods delivery level significantly higher than the market transactions of the mainstream plate, which is the downstream companies do not want to delivery from the delivery of an important factor.
Reporters surveyed the country's largest sheet market - the market learned that the market transactions of the mainstream Door Core Particle Board prices generally below 100 yuan / Zhang. And the Dalian Commodity Exchange Door Core Particle Board of the provisions of the delivery of the door is the core of the core board in the high quality requirements of the five-tier blockboard, and there are more stringent quality standards for the appearance of blockboard, formaldehyde emission and physical and chemical indicators There are more stringent requirements, so the main price of futures contracts most of the time in the 130 yuan / Zhang above the run.
Cost reduction
At present the production of Door Core Particle Board board core materials are poplar, Paulownia, fir, Malacca logs and pine. Fir, Malacca core for the import of materials, the higher the cost. Due to the poor performance of the demand side, imports of Malacca core prices have begun to decline significantly from the previous up to 325 US dollars / m3 down to the current 280 US dollars / m3 or so. This is also a direct result of high-end board core costs down nearly 10 yuan / Zhang. This is only about 100 yuan total price of the Door Core Particle Board, the cost has been a significant decline. It is reported that the early futures market in the delivery of the Door Core Particle Board, in order to meet the quality inspection requirements, mainly fir and Malacca core, the cost of this decline will likely make the focus of the futures price down.