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Door Fan Panel Of The Heavy Credit,Door Skin Keep The Contract To Ensure Product Quality, And Customer Service For All, All The Attitude Of Customer Service
May 12, 2017

Door Skin Door fan panel company is a professional production and sale of high-grade indoor steel doors, Mianqi door business. Companies engaged in the development of indoor doors, development and production for many years. Has dozens of technical backbone, hundreds of employees. Enterprise scale gradually grow, technology continues to increase, for the door industry to provide a higher level of professional and technical standards. Daewoo door industry with superb technology, won the majority of customers praise, the company's products with moisture, heat insulation, noise, water, wear, corrosion, door panels do not rust, green and so on. Excellent product quality, in the years of steel doors production and sales, has accumulated rich experience, and with a number of retailers and agents to establish a long-term and stable relations of cooperation. We "to quality of survival, to the credibility of development" business philosophy. The development of Daewoo door industry is inseparable from the strong support of many partners, we continue to develop new products, in the highly competitive market, we are committed to the development of new products, The market to maintain its own advantages,

    Door Skin Sense of the level of clear and clear, ecological door facade material is an important factor in ecological eco-environmental protection, different enterprises are using different materials, a polymer organic board, imported decorative panels, metal aluminum, door panels and even leather, If the panel material does not meet the national ecological standards or international standards, are on the human body to bring indirect or direct health effects. Now the state of eco-friendly products to meet the E1 or E0 standard, so as to ensure that the human health and environmental protection home standards. And my company's decorative plate is the most secure and most well-known brand, eco-door fan panel surface has a lot of unique style patterns, there are painted, door panel relief, sanding, and even personalized picture production surface, to the consumption Offers a lot of free choice. Import and domestic environmental protection, strengthen the panel, tempered glass personalized ice sculpture, Frosting, silk screen, crystal color and other artistic treatment, surface Yan rich, door panels elegant, stylish, moisture, wear, flame retardant, easy to clean

    Door Skin There are many refractory boards on the market, of which the United States Fu Mei home bending plate can reach 0.89MM thick, and South Korea and Japan for the 0.6MM, and even 0.3MM refractory board, both in the visual effects, wear and impact Performance on a great gap.

    Door Skin Second, the plastic door: the substrate for the E-1 in the MDF (EC density board requirements, E-1 is the highest standard), the thickness of 20MM, 0.5MM surface of the PVC film, vacuum lamination A molding, no edge, the overall sealing strong, door panels can be engraved graphics, modeling rich, beautiful. PVC film surface with high light, matte, suede three surface treatment. The best for the German plastic film, the film in the visual effects, scratch resistance, resistance to solid, heat, high temperature, anti-light performance are far better than other similar products.