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Effect Of Hot Pressing Temperature On Plywood Quality
Oct 24, 2017

Effect of Hot Pressing Temperature on Plywood Quality
The Plywood is made of a plurality of single-layer laminates bonded by a hot press. Therefore, the hot pressing temperature and hot pressing pressure of the hot press have an important influence on the quality of the Plywood. The temperature is too high too low on the Plywood will have a greater impact, so we have to control the appropriate temperature.
Hot pressing temperature is too low, not only is not conducive to the melting of Plywood hot melt, but also lead to adhesive adhesive strength is too low, or even degumming phenomenon, and then the strength of the Plywood also will be reduced; but also delay the veneer veneer Evaporation, production efficiency is reduced.
Hot pressing temperature is too high is not allowed, the temperature is too high, hot pressing will be used as hot melt and dissolved, is coated with thinning layer. Those wood relatively poor plate, but also with the temperature rise of some deformation, reduce the hardness and strength of the plate itself. Therefore, in the Plywood actual hot pressing process according to the veneer species, wood characteristics and the type of hot melt to determine the appropriate temperature range.
Reasonable control of hot pressing temperature can control the evaporation of slab moisture, reduce the water content of the board, you can control the moisture content of the board in the range of 8 ~ 12%, to achieve the best moisture content, reduce the incidence of bubbling and local degumming. Reasonable control of hot pressing temperature can also increase the plasticity of wood, to promote wood dense.
Now Plywood has become one of the most favorite use of the plate, because the Plywood is composed of three or more than one of the veneer parallel to each other and arranged in accordance with the principle of symmetry Plywood, we can easily confuse it with multi-layer solid wood floor. In fact, whether they are from the material or processing methods are not the same. Here we distinguish between these two plates.
Plywood is generally divided into four grades: first class, second class, third class, etc., of which first and second grade products are mainly used for advanced building decoration, senior furniture, musical instruments and electrical enclosures, its material and processing accuracy requirements High; third-class goods and other goods that we are common for low-grade building decoration, packaging materials and other Plywood, the material processing accuracy requirements are low, the price is relatively low.
The reason why many consumers mistakenly believe that the parquet is Plywood, the main reason is that the two are quite similar in structure. But in fact the two are both linked, there are differences. Contact is the multi-layer parquet core layer for the floor dedicated Plywood, which must meet the requirements of more than two Plywood. The difference is that the Plywood is only one of the many raw materials for making multi-layer parquet. In addition to Plywood, multi-layer solid wood flooring also need a special paint coating panel (usually valuable species) backplane and so on. Second, the multi-layer solid wood flooring products in the processing accuracy, appearance quality, surface treatment and other Plywood more stringent, such as Plywood for the surface of the film, sealing and other processes, GB does not require, and multi-layer solid wood flooring is focused on Surface film adhesion and surface wear.
Shaped Plywood is a very important kind of building materials in our daily use. It not only has good decoration and usability, but also can be used in the furniture manufacturing industry. It is very high in our life. What should we pay attention to when transporting Plywood?
Shaped packaging board should be used when lightly, the appearance should be prevented by sharp things to draw flowers, to prevent damage to the surface of the packaging layer of phenolic resin film, affecting the aesthetic and service life. If the deposit for a long time should be in the shape of the packaging surface coating agent to be maintained.
If the special-shaped packaging board after the use of a period of time after the occurrence of subtle scratches, broken, can be added with a flattened plains and then sealed with a special repair paint; larger damage, holes can be inserted into the wooden wedge and then putty, repair.