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Furniture Edge Banding Is The Guarantee Of Health And Safety
Sep 13, 2017

furniture edge banding is the guarantee of health and safety
    Edge of the furniture is often used in the product, a good edge of the security is our security protection, the following we have a look.
    furniture edge banding can be used to seal the section of the sheet to avoid the use of unfavorable factors in the process of the destruction of the plate, play a role in protecting and beautifying the furniture, the other can also prevent the plate scratching the skin. furniture edge banding can also prevent the volatilization of formaldehyde inside the plate, protect the environment, but also protect our health. Quality furniture edge banding, have excellent safety protection, it can provide beautiful decorative effect, the edge of the home health and safety is also reflected in the ability to good corrosion protection.
       Above is the safety effect of furniture edge banding, we use the process to pay attention to the maintenance of these details, so that we, our security can be guaranteed.
We use the furniture edge banding when the most commonly encountered is the collapse of the phenomenon and the phenomenon of bond is not strong. Today, we look at the causes of these problems and solutions.
Under normal circumstances, the edge of the edge of the collapse of the phenomenon will only occur in the use of poor quality furniture edge banding time. Because the inferior furniture edge banding will contain excessive calcium carbonate powder, it can make furniture edge banding structure loose, resulting in collapse edge; if the edge of the band itself grinding, scratches, deformation, pull straight and other problems will cause bonding Bad; in the edge of the edge of the edge is too slow, hot melt melt after the retention time is too long will lead to poor adhesion.
So we have to buy furniture edge banding must be selected when the regular production of quality products manufacturers, which will greatly avoid the collapse of the border and the situation is not strong.
furniture edge banding products have a good protective effect, in many items have a good use, is a major raw material is polyvinyl chloride, and then add plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, dyes and other additives mixed together Refining the compression of the thermoplastic film, which is the use of adhesives to be fixed, so if there is degumming phenomenon is not enough, we need to understand the reasons for clear and take appropriate measures!
There are many reasons for degumming, one is the quality of the problem itself, but one of the standards for the production of the edge is that the adhesive properties are good. Like some poor quality furniture edge banding gum coating is too thin, in the glue paste the effect of natural bad. The temperature of the bonding environment. In addition, as the edge of the edge of the board is uneven or the use of glue is too thin and so will also affect the normal use of furniture edge banding.
There is the temperature of the edge of the machine is not enough, the choice of hot melt adhesive in the low temperature environment under the conditions of the loss of hot melt glue and so on are caused by furniture edge banding degumming reasons, more relevant information can inquire.
We look at the appearance of the furniture edge banding first look at the edge of the hue and surface roughness, good edge of the edge of the color is also very important, the color is close to the custom products, beautiful.
1, if the surface is very rough, there are pull marks that quality is certainly not much better, this is the edge of the surface quality problems. With the edge of the material inside and outside the quality is not much or bad, mainly furniture edge banding manufacturers of production technology and staff production technology skills. Good side of the edge of the edge must be smooth, no blistering or little blistering, no pull or little pull, glossy moderate, not too bright or too matte.
2, see furniture edge banding surface and bottom flatness, thick Po is uniform, otherwise it will lead to the edge of the border and the combination of the plate, glue line is too eye-catching or the edge of the sheet and the edge of this gap is too much impact on the overall beauty.