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How To Choose And Maintain Cabinet Doors?
Feb 02, 2016

Kitchen has access to thousands, more families are being accepted and widespread use of the whole Cabinet. Whether brand cabinets, custom cabinets, learn cabinet doors are indispensable, master kitchen kitchen cabinet basics, door primer, door maintenance and cleaning of common sense, to build a soup kitchens.

At present, the door panel material cabinet doors can be divided into solid wood doors, fire doors, plastic doors, paint door, Melamine melamine door panels and other five series.

Solid wood panels

Solid wood door suitable for classic cabinets, smooth surface, with natural color, high stability, easy deformation, water resistance, aging resistance, exquisite, luxurious and elegant, but the cost is higher.

Solid wood divided into pure solid wood, solid wood composite panels, wood plywood. Pure solid wood Panel requires high consistency of the wood species, the whole of nature, luxurious and classic, the effect is good; solid wood composite Board with wood splice materials for the substrate, surface mount wood skin, can achieve the Visual effect of wood; wood veneer is to double up on the surface of MDF wood. Solid wood composite panels, wood veneer surface material color and pitfalls to avoid, to texture, color, and less distortion.