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How To Identify High Quality Medium Density Fiberboard
Jul 21, 2017

How to identify high quality Medium density fiberboard

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is what we usually call big core board, it is qualitative light, easy processing, good grip nail force, deformation, is frequently used in interior decoration and advanced furniture manufacturing, etc., plywood manufacturers today teach you how to identify quality of Medium density fiberboard (MDF).

There are two ways to identify high quality Medium density fiberboard, one is to look at the appearance. Plywood manufacturer introduces the quality of the high quality fiber board appearance flat no defects, the identification is complete. Because the plate is divided into two sides, the high quality plate table board should comply with the boring, lubrication, without fault, that is not fast knot, leakage problem such as glue and dig, uniform thickness of the plate, no stack and away from the seam appearance, core plate joining together closely. If use hand touch, can feel plank feels dull, flat lubrication.

The second way is to look at the quality of the content. To the light view, if the sheet is transparent to indicate that the sticks are not closely stitched together; When you pick up, you can hear the sound, indicating that the bonding strength is not enough. If you look up at one end, there is a sense of feeling and a sense of weight in the quality of the wood. Use pointed mouth tool to hit the surface of the board, if the sound has changed, it is clear that the inside of the plank is empty. If the plate of purchase appears above problem, advise you not to use, because long time use can cause plank layout to distort, deform, affect appearance and use effect.

Medium density fiberboard is the common wood that makes furniture, partition wall, door plank, floor and so on, its production effect is good, deeply people's trust. Plywood manufacturer tells you that the selection of Medium density fiberboard has the skill.

The Medium density fiberboard is an environmentally friendly wood. According to the content of free formaldehyde, the board can be divided into E0, E1 and E2. Among them, the E2 level formaldehyde release amount is 5mg/L, and the E level is 1.5mg/L, which can be directly used for indoor decoration. The E0 level is 0.5 mg/L. Plywood manufacturers advise friends to buy low density fiberboard for formaldehyde, which can be used for indoor health and safety.

Medium density fiberboard and plywood can be used as decorative plates, but there are a lot of different places, and plywood manufacturers come to make a simple distinction for you.

The raw material of Medium density fiberboard is the board strip, and the board piece is spliced together to get the Medium density fiberboard. The two surfaces of the board are the veneer of adhesive and wood, which belong to the solid plate. The single board is the table plate, and the bottom of the surface is the middle plate. In principle, it allows the table board to be of different quality, and can be coated with sand alone, double face sand or both sides. The core board of the Medium density fiberboard needs to be the same tree species with similar performance. The water content is 6-12%. There are no large holes and cracks.

When buying a Medium density fiberboard, you should pay attention to its quality in addition to environmental protection. First, look at the surface cleanliness of the board. There are no obvious particles on the surface of high quality plates. These particles are caused by impurities in the process of suppression, which affect the appearance of beautiful and lead to the peeling of paint film. Second, look at the surface smoothness of the board. Use hand touch directly, the more smooth plank is better, otherwise be processing not in place. Third, the flatness of the plate surface. Surface bright and smooth board is the first choice, from the side looks uneven, indicating the material or coating has a problem. Fourth, look at the overall elasticity, the inferior board is harder.