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How To Identify The Poor Door Core Particle Board
Sep 25, 2017

How to Identify the Poor Door Core Particle Board
    When you try to open the glue layer, if you find the separation of wood and plastic layer, it shows Door Core Particle Board used glue is not good. While this is a simple and brutal selection method, but this method tries to be cautious. The following will introduce the correct identification of inferior Door Core Particle Board ideas, as follows:
One, hand touch
       Door Core Particle Board facade to be smooth and tidy, no bumps. If you feel there is a crack at the splice, do not buy it.
Second, with the eyes.
       Good Door Core Particle Board appearance without damage, knots, Mishap. In the selection of time to pay attention to the consistency of color and the overall feeling of wood. In the case of
Third, with the smell of the nose.
       If you can smell a very strong pungent odor, it shows Door Core Particle Board contains more harmful ingredients. This Door Core Particle Board not only low quality, but also the harm to the human body is relatively large.
  Door Core Particle Board is usually made of odd-numbered boards and the fiber orientation of adjacent panels is perpendicular to each other. The Door Core Particle Board improves wood utilization and is a major way to save wood. Then, Door Core Particle How to store it?
       First, fire.
       Door Core Particle Board is a wood sheet, in the storage of this plate, the most important thing is the fire problem. In the storage time, we must pay attention to the fire extinguisher placed in the warehouse, but also to strictly prevent the emergence of fireworks in the warehouse, any kind of fire hazards have to be excluded.
       Second, moisture.
       In addition to fire problems, moisture problems are also important. Door Core Particle Board are produced after drying, once the phenomenon of moisture, not only affect the sales, but also the phenomenon of sheet metal off, very affect the use, so this is the need for special attention.
       Third, to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  Door Core Particle Board has a lot of strength, excellent toughness, medium density fiberboard material is relatively uniform, suitable for processing, is one of the three panels of wood-based panels, then what causes the Door Core Particle Board deformation?
One, the internal local water content caused by the difference between the deformation.
Door Core Particle Board production, such as particleboard scrap, medium density fiberboard fiber local dry uneven, or uneven in the sizing process. Door Core Particle Board in the production of uneven veneer and so on. There is a difference in moisture content, the curing of the glue and the evaporation of water are different, the stress is not uniform, resulting in deformation.
Second, the hot extrusion process or the impact of the press itself caused by the deformation.
Door Core Particle Board During the pressurization process, due to the conditions of the press itself, such as the deformation of the press plate, the temperature of the individual hot plate is not enough, or the pressure caused by uneven deformation, or improper hot pressing process, the temperature is too high or Too low, too much pressure caused by the deformation.
Third, structural asymmetry caused by the deformation.
Structural asymmetry is an important factor in generating stress in the board. Such as medium density fiberboard and particleboard table, the back layer of large particles, small inconsistent, Door Core Particle Board neutral layer from the tree species, single board fiber arrangement direction, thickness, moisture content, layers, and manufacturing methods are inconsistent, or single Plate twisted, etc., which is made of warping the main reason.