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How To Prevent Film Faced Plywood
Sep 25, 2017

How to prevent Film Faced Plywood
 Film Faced Plywood is cut into veneer by wood, or cut from veneer to wood. It can increase wood utilization and is a major way to save wood. Film Faced Plywood may appear after prolonged use. Color darkening, etc., then, how should prevent Film Faced Plywood color darker?
      1, clean with a dry cloth or wring dry wipe gently wipe, should avoid wiping the fabric is too wet and make the panel moldy, can not use too much force to wipe the film to prevent the operation of Film Faced Plywood.
      2, to avoid prolonged direct sunlight or indoor too dry, the board should avoid air conditioning socket or heating, it is easy to make the panel skin is too dry and crack, affecting the life of the panel.
      3, to ensure that the indoor normal ventilation, so as to avoid long-term indoor over-drying or moisture affect the life of the decorative panels.
      4, pay attention to moisture, to avoid the indoor too moist, to prevent flooding, wet in the rain. Decorative wall paint construction must be complete, correct, should be dowel, avoid direct on the surface of cement thin wood, brick wall, so as not to affect the moisture with wet dampness.
  Film Faced Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer plate-like material that is cut from veneer or cut into veneer by wood and then glued with an adhesive. Often odd-numbered veneers are used and the adjacent layers Veneer fiber direction perpendicular to each other, then, in the purchase of how to buy high-quality Film Faced Plywood? The following will introduce you to Film Faced Plywood's quality identification techniques:
       1, can be a 50 cm factory wings, will Film Faced Plywood gently hit the various parts, sound symmetry, loud, basically the inner plate.
       2, excellent Film Faced Plywood wood clear, positive bright smooth, not rough, to be flat, and no degumming phenomenon.
       3, should not have broken, hit bad, worms, row nail hole, dead section, burr groove marks and other defects.
       4, pay attention to the specification of Film Faced Plywood, its plate angle is usually a grade mark, we can refer to these data.
       5, some Film Faced Plywood is made of two different texture of the veneer tape together made together, therefore, in the identification of the seams to pay attention to the seams is not close, good Film Faced Plywood is no high and low The phenomenon of injustice.
 Common plate with Film Faced Plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard, then in the end should choose what kind of plate is more appropriate? Film Faced Plywood What are the advantages of comparing other plates? The following will be described in detail:
       First, first of all from their composition point of view.
       Film Faced Plywood is made of three or more layers of staggered textured wood bonded together by adhesive; the particleboard is pressed into the sheet by means of shavings. The medium density fibreboard is made by fiber separation. Obviously Film Faced Plywood has a thinner, more pure composition.
       Second, and then from the naked eye.
       Film Faced Plywood can see the obvious stratification; the particleboard has a rough rough shavings. Medium density fiberboard is not very obvious on three sides.
     Third, the last look at the nature of the material, Film Faced Plywood has a great strength, excellent toughness; medium density fiberboard material is relatively uniform, suitable for processing; particleboard low price, high surface hardness.
  Film Faced Plywood is a glued wood made under controlled conditions, is a wood-based panel, and is an environmentally friendly wood, then, Film Faced Plywood splicing the main problems which? The following will be described in detail: often appear is to spell out the veneer head missing, this situation is mainly caused by the patchwork caused by improper operation, in the vertical with a plastic machine on the side of the board when the end of the board Alignment or veneer when the edge is not a rectangle caused. To deal with this situation need to know the board should be a side of the benchmark, the board can be cut into parallel quadrilateral. Film Faced Plywood Tape is not strong after stitching. Occurrence of such a situation is because the adhesive tape is not full of moisture, sewing machine heating roller temperature is too high or too low; on the rolling stick pressure is not enough. Processing methods and simple, able to glue tape with water full of moisture; view the heating roller; increase the rolling bar on the force. Film Faced Plywood After the patchwork found too tight or too loose the situation, the occurrence of this doubt is mainly the sewing machine feeding roller adjustment roller improperly formed. Meet the situation so that we only need to adjust the sewing machine under the table under a pair of conical squeeze roller, so that it can be appropriate.