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How To Realize The Technology Innovation Of Door Core Particle Board Industry
Jul 03, 2017

How to realize the technology innovation of Door Core Particle Board industry

Since entering the new century, our door core particle enterprises in the development of new products, new technology to do a lot of work, especially in the future period of time, China's construction industry will continue to increase, brought new opportunity for the door core particleboard industry is also put forward the new challenge, how to grasp the opportunity, enhance the overall innovation of the particleboard industry door core ability, the author thought that the first needs the support of national policy and tilt, the second to stick to the path of independence, self-reliance, the third to rely on the advanced experience and management measures, truly to point with surface, the national game of innovative consciousness of overall situation, know wisely.

As construction constantly deepen the reform of the market, all kinds of Door Core Particle Board of the company's market will be very broad, across the country are key projects and engineering requires a lot of development, such as rail, light rail, tunnel, bridge construction, all need to have a large number of door core particle shape is to use and to form a complete set, the market demand for bedding face is wide, what kind of door core particleboard, with which the Door Core Particle Board, it is door core particleboard enterprises have a competitive advantage, is to seize information, adhere to the market as the guidance, do a good job in research and development of new products, internal quality and external promotion skills. Only companies insist for a long time to consolidate and improve old products, and communities in scientific research innovation continuously introduce new products, meet the requirement of particle board and door core construction market, firmly seize the reform and innovation of new ideas, to win customers.

The industry should adhere to the association as the leading and develop long-term development plan. The Chinese Door Core Particle Board association is not only the leader and leader of the technology innovation of the door chip chipboard enterprise, but also the bearer of the information of the door chip. And the association should formulate long-term development plan, to walk the development path of the Door Core Particle Board with Chinese characteristics, to have the system, the deployment, and the purpose of the long-term planning of the door core chipboard enterprises. At the same time, to increase investment in science and technology innovation fund, set up a strength strong technology team, with Door Core Particle Board market and the engineering construction as the guidance, to carry out the new development and innovation of Door Core Particle Board. The leaders of enterprises should have new ideas and new methods to solve new problems, improve their own quality, improve the quality of their products and meet the demand of the market.

In order to learn advanced foreign experience and technology, we need to learn from foreign countries. Construction Door Core Particle Board has developed to this day, some developed countries in foreign countries, especially in Europe and the United States, have attached great importance to the technology of architectural Door Core Particle Board. The production and technology applications of new type of construction door chip panels have been developing rapidly and have reached the highest level. They adopt the good quality and durable mold materials, the industrial assembly line production, the processing precision is high. The die and Door Core Particle Board adopts the tool or system of modular and assembling. Some countries develop the process of automatic lifting and disassembly in the construction of tunnels and high-rise buildings. Door core particleboard implements the specialized construction, has a professional construction team or by the Door Core Particle Board manufacturers design and manufacture of installation, perfecting standard system, a unified standard, detailed design and construction technology. Architectural design in the standard of national unity under the premise of implementation of simplified structure, refined decoration, the design principle of unity, emphasis on cost, make the Door Core Particle Board system can realize modular, assembly, and tools. Therefore, the developed countries' door core particleboard not only can ensure the quality of concrete engineering, but also have good comprehensive technical and economic benefits.

Particle board door core enterprise in our country so as to learn the advanced experience of others and technologies, complement each other, ocean for convenient, particieboard enterprise group China door core, construction and technical personnel to outside investigation, study and communication, so as to make the door core particleboard industry in China and production technology towards more advanced, more reasonable direction.