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MDF Board In The Course Of How To Do Maintenance Work
Aug 23, 2017

MDF board in the course of how to do maintenance work
 MDF board is widely used in various fields, in order to ensure that MDF board in the course of use to reduce damage, there are several issues need attention, so as to do maintenance work:
1, when the use of electric saw cutting MDF board must be a professional operation. In the mdf plate nail nails and drilling time, in order to prevent damage to the MDF board, should be square mats below. As well as in the demolition of the mold should be noted when the MDF board may be large off;
2, the use of MDF board, it will inevitably be damaged. When the degree of damage is lighter, filled with putty and then sealed with a special paint can be; when the degree of damage is large, nail wedge and then use the putty and paint repair;
3, to avoid spikes and MDF board placed together to avoid scratching MDF board, if the long side of the MDF board is not competent, the need for additional pieces of surface protective agent.
In the process of transport and storage, should prevent the sun and rain caused by the MDF board and the appearance of severe deformation of the aging film. Despite the simple small problem we can in some means and technical help to achieve a good repair, but in the usual use of MDF board or should pay attention to care.
  Now coincided with the summer, but also the excess season, the environment is relatively humid, if not pay attention to MDF board moldy situation is very normal, then how should prevent this situation?
If you want to clean the MDF board, then first of its plenty of dry after the re-put into use. To ensure that the MDF board itself boring and clean, if conditions permit, try to avoid the wooden tray for a long time to place.
But also to ensure that the air dry or kiln dry, relatively speaking, the cost of dry air will be lower, but time-consuming will be longer. You can also use a heat treatment, this method can generally kill wood insects or insect larvae, so as to prevent mold MDF board mold.
Pay attention to the surrounding environment of the MDF board, try to avoid the use of humid air in the environment, so as to better keep the MDF board dry and clean.
 MDF board a lot of types, the current MDF board material MDF board is more common, the demand is very large, if you do not pay attention to the details of the production is easy to affect the MDF board hardness, which include the main factors?
1, the impact of raw materials hardness: material is the choice of the above tree species, poplar, Zamu or whole birch, or beech, which several kinds of poplar MDF board hardness of the worst, the best beech, such as our common container The floor is beech!
2, the process of affecting the hardness: the density of the problem, used as MDF board hot press is good and bad, the pressure of imported machinery like the domestic not how the line, and some manufacturers deliberately lower the pressure, can save costs, but Density is not enough.
3, the demand impact of hardness: different packaging requirements for the hardness of the different requirements, such as for some expensive instruments need high-quality packaging, the use of packaging MDF board thickness and strength will be a corresponding increase. If only some common items packaging, such as small hardware, etc. can use some of the ordinary thin MDF board.
Different MDF board, its technology, materials are different, these factors will have an impact on the hardness of MDF board, need to judge according to the actual situation.