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Molded Door Panels Can Be Divided Into Three Categories
Jun 05, 2017

Door Skin (MDF) or high-density board (HDF) or steel plate as the substrate, the surface attached to Ash, black walnut, pear and sand Billy, etc., molded door panel is divided into three categories, Natural wood veneer, or paste melamine paper, or do not paste any veneer and epidermis, after high tonnage vacuum molding machine, in high temperature and high pressure and high heat environment, the use of "one molding" or "two molding" technology produced low- Environmental protection, beautiful, convenient, no cracking, no deformation of the door. High-quality molded door panels and molds, production process, sheet quality, skin quality, glue quality, staff quality and inspection standards are closely related. Molded door panels can help the majority of wooden doors to achieve "production line, ecological development", is the world's doors industry trend, has been more and more wooden door manufacturers choose and pro-Lai. According to the door type can be divided into three categories

  1. Solid wood paste leather molded door

  Solid wood paste leather molded door is the surface of the natural wood veneer such as Ash, black walnut, pear and sand Billy and other precious wood natural wood veneer molded door, it is the mainstay of the molded door, which is occupied by its ecological composite solid wood The whole door market more than 50% of the consumer market.

  2. Melamine molded door

  Door Skin This melamine non-melamine, he melamine because of the addition of milk damage to children so famous world, the melamine is the production of low-end ecological door and popular million. Melamine molded door plate specifically coated with melamine paper surface molded door, which is characterized by relatively cheap, suitable for low-quality engineering decoration requirements, there are already gradually fade out of the market trend.

  3. Plastic molded door molded steel plate is made of steel plate as the substrate, pressed into a variety of patterns, and then made of plastic PVC steel doors. This type of door looks very iron wall, occupy a certain share in the market, suitable for outdoor doors, by some consumers like and choice.

  According to the production process can be divided into two categories

  1. Molding the door at one time

  A molding molding door is a process in the production process, just a mold pressure can be a door technology to produce the door, the process is relatively simple, can save production costs, but its product quality is relatively poor, blistering more than two Sub-molding molded door. 2. Secondary molding molding door molding The door is the first MDF (MDF) or high density board (HDF) pressure pattern, and then artificial decorative leather veneer, the second embossing molding production molding Door plate. Which has a depth ahead of a molding molding door, blistering less than a molding molding door and finished product quality stability is greater than a molding molding door panels and so on. market expectation

  Door Skin With the maturity of the domestic refined decoration market and the reduction of valuable timber in the international market, the composite solid wood doors produced by molded door panels are increasingly favored by consumers around the world, leading to the excellent market outlook of molded door panels, especially those who are brave and innovative. The quality of enterprises as the lifeline of the enterprise promising.