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Problems And Solutions That Occur When Plywood Is Stitched Together
Jul 11, 2017

Problems and solutions that occur when Plywood is stitched together

One kind is the condition that after Plywood joint has been found too tight or too loose, occurrence this kind of doubt mainly is the machine of quilting machine the feed pressing roll adjustment is inappropriately formed. In this case, we need to adjust a pair of cones under the work surface of the sewing machine to make it fit.

Often the second is to spell out the veneer of end not neat, flat-fell seam is mainly the state improper operation, caused by the longitudinal with glue spell on feed when both sides end not aligned or single board side isn't caused by the rectangle. When dealing with this situation, you should have a baseline to cut the veneer into a parallelogram.

The third kind is glued laminated piece of adhesive tape to post not strong, resulting in not robust. This happens because the adhesive paper is not moist, and the heating roller is too high or too low; Not enough pressure on the bar. The treatment method and the abbreviated, can bring the adhesive paper with water to wet; Check the heating roll; Increase the pressure of the rolling stick.

Plywood is made of three or more layers of a single sheet or sheet of sheet rubber. There are three Plywood, five Plywood, nine Plywood and twelve Plywood. Today, we will take a look at the following points in the selection of Plywood.

There are two sides of the splint. When choosing, the Plywood should be clear and smooth, smooth and smooth, not coarse, flat and free.

2. The Plywood should not be damaged, bruise, hard injury, scar.

3. No degumming scene of Plywood.

4. Some Plywood is made of single board with two different grain lines, so it is necessary to pay attention to the clamping joints of the splint to be tight and not uneven.

5. When choosing a splint, you should pay attention to the splint of the adhesive. If the hand knocks on the Plywood parts, the sound is crisp, confirming the quality is outstanding, if the sound is stuffy, then indicate that the splint has presented the spasmose scene.

6. When choosing gluing panels, you should also pay attention to the uniform color of colors and the common grain, and the wood color is in harmony with the color of household paint.

The quality of Plywood is related to the original auxiliary materials, such as veneer, adhesive, etc., which are selected by the manufacturer of Plywood, and whether it is strictly implemented in the production process.

Plywood in interior decoration, the most common question that is cracks, and man-made plank appear cracking such as Plywood, the most common is the center of the long crack, corner crack, and the wall body touch cracks in three ways. The main reason for the fracture of Plywood is that the data is brittle and large, with low tensile strength and low bending strength. Or the material hardness is higher, the impact strength is poor, when the damage is easy to occur overall cracking; It is also possible that the data is high in wet swelling, the plate will absorb moisture and swell, resulting in cracks in the joints, which can lead to the deformation of the wall.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the Plywood does not present, in addition to ensuring the quality of raw materials such as veneer and adhesive, it should be strictly controlled in the construction of Plywood.