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PVC Edge Banding In The Use Of The Time Need To Pay Attention To What
Sep 13, 2017

PVC Edge Banding in the use of the time need to pay attention to what
    PVC Edge Banding, as the name implies, is used to make the edge of the strip material, the use of raw materials is different, so when used to be careful.
    PVC Edge Banding of the use of the time, to combine the furniture, the specific circumstances of the wood, because the size of the edge is not the same, so when used in accordance with the edge of the article to be the width and length to decide, so that the real Do the edge of the edge. The second is to use the quality of the adhesive must be good, when used can have a good bonding effect, but also will not give us a bad impact. The last is in the use of time to pay attention to care.
    PVC Edge Banding of the use of note in fact in every detail, so when used must be a good note.
    PVC Edge Banding of the furniture in the furniture is necessary, but to determine the quality of its quality is also necessary, so we have to master a certain method.
    Look at the PVC Edge Banding of the hue and the surface of the roughness, good quality PVC Edge Banding of the edge of the bright side, smooth and smooth surface. The second is the surface and the bottom of the flatness, as well as the thickness is uniform, or have a bad effect on the bonding. Whether the trimming is white, if too white, then the quality is not good. Strength is better, but also have some flexibility. Beijiao to be evenly, it is not easy to fall off. Good quality PVC Edge Banding is no taste. There are some other areas of attention to judge.
    PVC Edge Banding of the quality of the quality is related to its use effect, so when the purchase must be judged good, so as to ensure its quality.
    PVC Edge Banding of the use of the home decoration is also very common, but in use is also prone to aging and fade reasons, which is why?
    In the PVC Edge Banding of the transport or storage process, the temperature is too high will cause changes in material color. Especially in the case of a long cycle. The second is caused by quality reasons, some manufacturers in order to save costs in the processing of production cut corners, resulting in the edge of the anti-aging ingredients in the treatment of the existence of missing. The third is the edge of the band in the course of the use of maintenance and maintenance is not in place, may also lead to the emergence of these problems. In the light of exposure, high temperature operating environment.
    There are many reasons for the aging of the PVC Edge Banding, we should pay attention to the production and use, or will affect its quality.
PVC Edge Banding in the production of furniture is very widely used, it can be used to package the edge of furniture, for the protection of furniture has a very good effect.
    The quality of the PVC Edge Banding is relatively light, because it is an organic compound, is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other lighter elements. Furniture Edge is made of plastic material, easy to process. Plastic has plasticity, after molding to maintain the original shape unchanged. Can be processed by extrusion or other methods into the shape of the edge of the band. Furniture edge of the quality and cheap, and the floating price of plastic is far from the metal, so it is still a lot of advantages.
    PVC Edge Banding of the advantages of the above is that these, we choose the time, according to their own needs and choose a different shape, as well as color and so on.
Whether in the construction industry or industrial production, we will often use the PVC Edge Banding, but there are many consumers on the edge of the total doubts that this is not an environmentally friendly products, and in fact these products are green, and everyone's worries are Is superfluous.
As we all know, PVC Edge Banding will not rust will not rust. And our products to break the conventional, abandoned and Nordisk can be absorbed by nature, decomposition, resulting in environmental protection and energy recycling. Product cut with the same color, and high temperature and resistance to cold.
Our edge is mainly applied to the high-end furniture, cabinets, door industry, shelves, office furniture and so on. Can be based on product specifications or customer requirements can provide a variety of sizes.