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Quality Identification Of Door Core Particle Board
Jul 11, 2017

Quality identification of Door Core Particle Board

1. The excellent linyi Door Core Particle Board is clear, the front is smooth and smooth, not rough, flat, and no gelatinized phenomenon.

2. There should be no breakage, bad touch, wormhole, nail hole, dead knot, burr and other defects.

3, some linyi Door Core Particle Board is composed of two different texture made of veneer glue to stick together, when we identify closely, pay attention to the seams of plywood is good door core flakeboard, without rugged phenomenon.

4, use a 50cm factory to push the stick of a stick, the Door Core Particle Board lift a light to strike the place, the sound is symmetrical, hong liang, basically is the inside board.

5. Pay attention to the specification of the Door Core Particle Board, which usually has a level mark on its board corner. We can refer to these data.

Linyi door chipboard USES different materials to make a planer, and their USES are different.

Before first for the rubber processing, first to do is boring, do the intention is to remove the moisture inside the bamboo fiber, let dry bamboo piece can absorb more glue, glue the special-shaped plate are much more waterproof, increasingly tough, so soak good bamboo shade out also need to drain the appearance of the glue, so you can save the glue, can save capital.

Drained bamboo curtains need to be boring again, put in the grill, or in the open air. Soak glue is to make good bamboo curtain, after boring, to every bamboo curtain is treated with glue. This way through layer of the bamboo curtain that is treated by the layer of glue, the sheet that the hot pressure comes out can be firmly glued together under the action of glue, waterproof function is very good also.

1, Door Core Particle Board floor installed in a day can't furniture on the floor, also want to try to cut staff activities, and in the transfer not drag on the floor, when the furniture furniture best tie have a mat on the leg, so as not to damage the floor;

2, on the floor to do maintenance at ordinary times, do not clean with clear water, directly use dry mop or dry cloth to wipe, obstinate stains grime available cleaner clean, best play once half a year mineral wax, to maintain the floor from the external impurities.

3, close the faucet of the home, when the water supply tries warm in the winter, should pay attention to the water pipe burst, the function of door core shingle is soaked in moisture, the function will change, want to be in time to do the dry treatment of the floor.

The base material used by the Door Core Particle Board manufacturer is usually the particle board, which is mainly composed of the base material and the surface, which is a widely used plate.

On the one hand, Door Core Particle Board is composed of different two sub-companies named seaport plate paste to suppress, so can a lot of save timber, in today's increasingly lack of forest resources, door core particleboard production is undoubtedly has great benefits.

On the other hand, door core particleboard compared with those of other same thickness of single-layer plate usually have greater strength, and its bearing capacity, bending resistance is stronger, so it is a good choice. Besides, the Door Core Particle Board has good stability, high hardness, high temperature resistance, good moisture resistance, rich texture, and very close to nature.