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The Coated Plate Is Covered With A Layer Of Film On The Aluminum Alloy Substrate
Jun 05, 2017

 Film Faced Plywood The coated plate is covered with a layer of film on the aluminum alloy substrate. With high-light film or Symphony film, the board coated with a professional adhesive after the composite. The coating film is bright and bright, and it can be selected with many varieties, waterproof, fireproof, excellent durability (weatherability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and anti-fouling ability, and excellent UV protection performance. Different brands of coated panels, the substrate material and thickness of different coating material and thickness are also different. Another building covered board, made of poplar and other materials made

  Base material

  The substrate thickness is between 0.3 and 0.5 mm. Generally well-known brands of substrate thickness of about 0.5 mm.

  First grade

  Aluminum-magnesium alloy, also contains part of the manganese, the biggest advantage of the material is good antioxidant capacity, and because of the content of manganese, so have a certain strength and stiffness, is the ideal material to do smallpox. China's Southwest aluminum plant aluminum processing performance of the most stable.

  Second grade

  Aluminum-manganese alloy, the material strength and stiffness slightly better than aluminum-magnesium alloy. But the antioxidant capacity is slightly lower than the aluminum-magnesium alloy. Such as both sides of the protective treatment, basically to solve its antioxidant capacity as aluminum and magnesium alloy good shortcomings, the domestic West Aluminum and Ruimin aluminum aluminum processing performance of the most stable.

  Third grade

  Aluminum alloy, the alloy of manganese, magnesium content less. So its strength and stiffness are significantly lower than the aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy. Because of its soft, easy processing, as long as a certain thickness, the basic to meet the most basic flatness requirements of smallpox. But its antioxidant capacity was significantly less than aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy. And processing and transportation and installation process easy to deformation.

  Fourth grade

  Ordinary aluminum alloy, the mechanical properties of such materials are not stable.

  Fifth grade

  Film Faced Plywood Recycling of aluminum alloy, the raw material of this board is aluminum processing plant will melt into aluminum aluminum ingots, no control of chemical composition. As the chemical composition out of control, these materials are extremely unstable performance, resulting in serious surface uneven product, product deformation, and easy to oxidation.

  New materials are also used in the use of galvanized sheet as a film substrate substrate

  Film material

  The use of coating products within the industry are as follows:

  ①LG high light film

  The surface effect of crystal bright, colorful, long time does not change color. Soft feel, colorful surface color, environmental protection, moisture, corrosion, easy to clean, light weight, good fire performance. At present the best film products, high prices, life in 20-30 years

  ② other imported film

  Made pearl lamination aluminum slab plate, imported pearl lamination aluminum slab plate, LG pearl coated aluminum slab plate (covered with aluminum slab plate in turn the future life and performance and gradually increased)

  ③ domestic film

  The film thickness is typically between 0.1 and 0.3 mm. Generally well-known brands of substrate thickness between 0.1-0.2 mm.

  Thicker than the visual effect of the board is more wide, but not the thicker the better, more than 0.6 mm enough, generally well-known brands of film thickness of about 0.7 mm. The easiest way to judge the thickness is to pick up and shake the board for toughness. Some businesses say that their board is thick, but flash to chaos; some board although the thickness can be, but a large proportion of the thickness of the film is covered. The thickness of the coating can be viewed from the cutoff of the plate. But the exact thickness, with caliper to measure, visual or feel greater error.