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The Control Method Of Door Core Particle Board Adhesive
Oct 13, 2017

The control method of Door Core Particle Board adhesive

Door Core Particle Board has a high stability, good moisture-proof function, rich wood texture closer to nature, and affordable price is popular with everyone. The basic plank of the Door Core Particle Board is the Particle Board. When producing the Door Core Particle Board, the surface is cemented by a professional adhesive and the pressure is used to solidify it. So how do we control when we're using glue?

The pressure can reduce the gap between the slabs, and the filling adhesive can fully infiltrate the veneer and promote its solidification. The adhesive has the liquidity, can withstand the corresponding load in the condition of curing, its development can guarantee the smooth progress of curing, guarantee the high quality of Door Core Particle Board. In a high temperature environment, its volatile process can help advance the process. All kinds of chemical agents can react quickly, so the quality of adhesive is necessary for curing.

The Door Core Particle Board is one of the commonly used boards, which needs to be cut when producing the Door Core Particle Board. If the Door Core Particle Board is not handled properly, the Board will be defective, and even the plate cannot be used. The reasons for these problems are described below. We need to understand the comparison to prevent such problems.

1, when feeding mechanism uneven track or on the opposite side of the roller pressure or at the cutting edge, feel the Core Particle Board, plate can result from a side clamp according to produce arc, this problem can be adjusted by feeding mechanism pressure or checking according to port, change the saw blade and other methods to solve.

2. The common defect of the second Door Core Particle Board is not parallel on both sides of the plate. Most of these defects are due to the excessive buckling of the Door Core Particle Board. The saw blade's position is not fixed; And a large diameter. Usually, the Door Core Particle Board can be used to check the edge of the saw blade, adjust and replace the saw blade in time to improve the method.

3. Appearance of clamping or saws. Is mainly due to the cutting edge when the feed speed is too fast, the saw blade serrate shivering is too narrow, the tooth groove opening was too small and too shallow, saw blade speed too slow, saw blade diameter is small, two saw blade is not parallel, feel the Core Particle Board too thick, hard, and so on. The Door Core Particle Board can be improved by adjusting feeding speed, changing, sawing, checking parallelism and choosing proper cooking and softening.

Feel the Core Particle Board, in accordance with the tree species can be divided into needle Core feel material Particle Board and broad-leaved material feel Core Particle Board, according to the Core feel Particle Board, USES and can be divided into common Core feel Particle Board, the structure with the Core feel Particle Board, fireproof feel Core Particle Board, etc. No matter what type of Door Core Particle Board, they are basically the same nature, but there are some differences in materials or processing. Now let's look at the nature of the Door Core Particle Board.

Feel the Core Particle Board for physics properties including water content, density, thermal conductivity and the bonding strength, etc., the international organization for standardization from three aspects proposed the regulation: on the structure of adjacent state of texture should be at right angles to each other, and to keep the tree species and relative to the center layer thickness of symmetry; In terms of moisture content, based on China's national standards, generally remain between 12% and 14% (Ⅰ, Ⅱ average moisture content less than 13%; Ⅲ, Ⅳ feel Core Particle Board, moisture content is not more than 15%); On the quality, our Door Core Particle Board manufacturer must ensure that the finished product has rectangular right angles and obvious edges, which should meet the requirements on the thickness of the plate and the number of floors.

With the increase of bonding pressure, feel the Core Particle Board density, often also can be as growth, and because of woodiness material can cause deformation at high temperature, so the hot-pressing bonding compression ratio than cold agglutination, again, feel the Core Particle Board, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is lower than other materials.