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The Difference Between The Multi-layer Real Wood Floor And The Film Face Plywood
Oct 13, 2017

The difference between the multi-layer real wood floor and the Film face Plywood

Now Film Faced Plywood has become one of the board that you most like to use, because the Film Faced Plywood is made up of three layers or more than three layers of veneer with each other vertically, and agglutination of plate according to the symmetry principle, it is easy to confuse it with multiplayer solid wood floor. In fact, they are different from material or processing. Now let's differentiate between these two plates.

Film Faced Plywood is generally divided into four levels: first, second, third, thereof, the first-class and second-class product is mainly used for high-end building decoration, high-end furniture, Musical Instruments and appliances shell, its high requirements for material and machining accuracy; The third grade and other products are commonly used in Film such as low-grade building decoration, packaging materials and other Film Faced Plywood, which have low demand and low price for the precision of material processing.

Many consumers mistake a solid wood floor for a Film face Plywood, mainly because they are similar in structure. But there is a connection and a difference. The connection is that the core layer of the multi-layer solid wood composite floor is the floor special Film face Plywood, which must meet the requirements of the Film face Plywood grade 2. The difference is that Film Faced Plywood is only one of many raw materials for multi-layer solid wood composite floors. In addition to the Film Faced Plywood, the multi-layer hardwood floors need to be painted with a special paint coating panel (usually a valuable tree). Second, multilayer solid mu fu joins a floor board products in machining precision, appearance quality, surface treatment and so on than Film Faced Plywood more strictly, such as for Film Faced Plywood surface Film, sealing process, the standards do not require, and multilayer solid mu fu joins a floor board focuses on surface coating adhesion and surface abrasion.

In the process of the use of Film Faced Plywood packing box, the case of color change will occur, because the packing box is the first line of defense of Film face Plywood, so it has a certain effect on the quality of Film face Plywood. How can we prevent the occurrence of discoloration in the Film Faced Plywood packing boxes?

First is the influence of moisture, moisture is high and low, will be directly related to the Film Faced Plywood mold, the first thing to do, high moisture not only leads to Film Faced Plywood moldy easily, are more likely to lead to Film Faced Plywood does easy to glue, directly affect the Film Faced Plywood structure strength of the finished product.

Followed by nutrients, nutrients of high and low, will be directly related to the Film Faced Plywood moldy second element, high nutrition will not only lead to Film Faced Plywood moldy easily, are more likely to lead to Film Faced Plywood easily bred worms, and cause Film Faced Plywood is the main material of high nutrient source of flour.

Then there is the presence of oxygen is Film Faced Plywood mildewy become angry one of the cause, but the oxygen everywhere, to the Film Faced Plywood, basically is unlikely, this is the domestic many conditional log dealers or processors generally adopted, the log with water or soak in water for a long time, its principle is to prevent mildew between oxygen method.

In the production process of Film face Plywood, the quality of the Film face Plywood is guaranteed. The drying process is indispensable, it will directly affect the production quality of Film Faced Plywood, determine the service life of Film Faced Plywood, so it should be processed according to the standard and strict requirements. Let's take a look at the drying process of the Film face Plywood.

After general lathe cutting Film Faced Plywood moisture content is very high, if direct coating, because of too much water will extend the hot-pressing time, easy to generate bubble, will also affect agglutination, such produce Film Faced Plywood shrinkage internal stress is very big, easy deformation and cracking; Moreover, the wet Film Faced Plywood can easily produce edges and cracks in the storage, so it must be dried in a timely manner. The optimum final moisture content of single plate drying shall be determined according to the requirements of the used adhesive, tree species and Film Faced Plywood.