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The Door Core Particle Board Manufacturers Analyze The Existing Problems Of The Industry
Sep 05, 2017

The Door Core Particle Board manufacturers analyze the existing problems of the industry
Door Core Particle Board is a more widely used in China a plate, it is economical and practical, very market in China. But the door core particle board manufacturers found that there are many problems in this industry, leading to the development of the industry struggling, and now I plant for you to conduct a specific analysis.
The first problem that hinders the development of door coreboard manufacturers and their industry is the barriers to raw materials, production equipment and technology. China is a resource-rich country, but at the same time, China's population base is also large, forest resources are increasingly depleted, environmental protection theme from time to time, which to the Door Core Particle Board production has brought great obstacles. Production equipment and technology, China lacks the corresponding spirit of innovation, advanced technology depends on foreign countries, resulting in a certain degree of production costs to improve, which is also shrinking the Door Core Particle Board market.
Another problem to the Door Core Particle Board manufacturers headache, is the plate quality, type, use and industry order. China's door core particle board products are currently in a large but the quality of the embarrassing situation, but the variety of single, mainly in the use of furniture and decoration, and the international application has a certain gap.
The above list of problems have hindered the development of the Door Core Particle Board industry, for the Door Core Particle Board manufacturers, in order to enterprise progress, industry development, or should proceed from these aspects to solve these problems, development can be achieved.
 In the past many years, the Door Core Particle Board has been the hardest hit in China's trade barriers, all kinds of trade friction has always been, and recently appeared in the United States exports to China Door Core Particle Board "double reverse" event, so that China's door core particle board Manufacturers have to once again open the road to rights.
Since the beginning of 2012, the US Department of Commerce announced the start of China's imports of hardwood core particleboard to start a "double reverse" investigation, Chinese associations and departments began to respond to work, and finally succeeded in 2013, the US International Trade Commission ruling, said the United States The product has not been substantially damaged or threatened by the hardwood doorboards that are sold in the United States at lower than normal value and imported from China and are subsidized by the Chinese government.
In July this year, the US International Trade Commission but also on China's exports to the United States to export the core particleboard related enterprises issued a notice that will be officially launched in 2013 has been ruled by the Chinese side of the core particleboard export "double reverse" investigation of the successful review of the work, This means that China's Door Core Particle Board manufacturers will face the forced collection of the average tax rate of 73.04%, punitive tax rate of 148.81% of the "double reverse" tax risk.
In response to this phenomenon, the Chinese government said that if the abandonment of the US market, China in other countries and regions of the export market will be affected, so the review must be highly valued, at the same time, companies can not go it alone, or in the industry associations Organization to play a role.
 For any one of the manufacturers, innovation is to ensure that enterprises keep the secret of fresh, door coreboard manufacturers as well. As an important door core particle board production plant, our company is also constantly innovating and seeking new development.
Door Core Particle Board manufacturers have been seeking innovation, the most fundamental is the technological innovation. For the Door Core Particle Board manufacturers, the technical innovation is to promote the development of enterprises an important way, but also the most effective way. Although China has a lot of labor, rapid economic development, but technical convenience is always a weak link. Therefore, if the Door Core Particle Board manufacturers in the technical innovation, master the core production technology, not only can drive the development of the industry, but also can reduce production costs, the benefit of the public.
Innovation can not only be reflected in the technical aspects of sales innovation is also necessary. At present, the Door Core Particle Board manufacturers are factory direct sales, sales agents and network sales of three sales methods, which, network sales is also popular in recent years, sales. Therefore, in the way of sales innovation, to attract consumers, but also can effectively promote the development of manufacturers.