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The Film Faced Plywood Stores What You Should Know
Jul 11, 2017

The Film Faced Plywood stores what you should know

It is well known that the Film Faced Plywood is made of wood, and the most important thing in storing the laminated sheet is fire prevention. When the manufacturer is storing, it is important to keep the fire extinguishers in the warehouse and strictly prevent the occurrence of fireworks in the warehouse. Any fire hazard should be excluded.

Besides fire prevention, moistureproof is also important. Film Faced Plywood production are done after drying, once appear, be affected with damp be affected with damp phenomenon, not only affect the sales, there will be plate fall off phenomenon, very affect use, so this is also need to pay special attention to. In addition to the above the main problem, Film Faced Plywood manufacturers also notice to avoid sunlight for a long period of time, although the plank to complete production after the need for air drying process, but excessive exposure will affect the quality of the plate.

There are many USES for the laminable plates produced by the manufacturer of the diaphragm, and the laminating box is one of the popular products. It is flexible and can be used well to fit its load, and can be reused. Compared with cartons, the laminate packing case is stronger and stronger, which can be used to dress up some heavier items. Linyi laminating board can be widely used in many fields such as mechanical chemical engineering and electronics.

The laminating board produced by the manufacturer of laminating board has a strong ability to resist uv, which can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganism such as color-changing fungus, so it is the best choice for packing cases. The surface of the covered plate is also treated with anti-osmosis, and the containers will not have to worry about dampness or contamination. The laminating packing box is fastened together by fastening fastening, and it will not deform due to turbulence during transit. Film Faced Plywood boxes mainly on Film Faced Plywood packing material, its structure is reasonable, in the process of production processing fine, can overcome the defect of other cases, therefore, by the vast number of consumers favor and recognition.

A process with hot-pressing temperature is an essential part of Film Faced Plywood production, Film Faced Plywood manufacturers use when hot press for hot pressing need to control a lot of elements, to ensure the quality of the Film Faced Plywood from the products.

Too low temperature can make the adhesion of adhesive adhesive strength too low or even the appearance of degumming; Too high temperature can lead to the appearance of the laminates. The reasonable thermal pressure temperature can solidify the adhesive and form a good bonding strength.

The water content of the single board is too high or the drying uneven can easily lead to the forming of the laminates. Good hot-pressing temperature control can evaporate the slab moisture, reduce the lumber moisture content, can control the moisture content of veneer in 8 ~ 12% range, optimum moisture content, reduce the incidence of bubbling and local degumming;

Finally, reasonable control of the hot pressure temperature can also increase the wood plastic and make the wood dense.

In order to produce the high quality plate, in the fierce market to win the quality, the manufacturer of the Film Faced Plywood must keep the temperature close in the hot pressing process, and control the temperature.