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The Manufacturer Of Film Faced Plywood Analyzes The Existing Problems In The Industry
Aug 02, 2017

The manufacturer of Film Faced Plywood analyzes the existing problems in the industry

The diaphragm plate is a kind of plate which is widely used in our country. It is economical and practical and has a good market in our country. However, the manufacturer found that there are many problems in this industry, which caused the industry to be very difficult. Now I will carry out the specific analysis for you.

The first problem that has hindered the development of manufacturers and their industries is the barriers to raw materials, production equipment and technology. China is a country rich in resources, but at the same time, our country has a very big population base, the exhaustion of the forest resources are environmental protection topic always rang, this Film Faced Plywood production to bring huge obstacles. In terms of production equipment and technology, our country lacks the corresponding innovation spirit, and the advanced technology depends on foreign countries, which leads to the improvement of production cost, which is also in the market of shrinking the diaphragm.

Another problem that makes the manufacturers headache is the quality, variety, use and order of the board. Total Film Faced Plywood products in our country at present is in the big embarrassment but quality closes nevertheless, single variety, use mainly in furniture and decoration, has certain gap with international application.

Listed in the above problems hindered the development of Film Faced Plywood industry, for Film Faced Plywood manufacturers, to the enterprise progress, industry development, should from the several aspects, to solve these problems, the development can be achieved.

In many man-made board, Film Faced Plywood with reliable quality low price advantage of the important position of the market, used to make furniture, boxes and other products the effect is very good also, do to do in Film Faced Plywood manufacturers bought for plate?

When we choose the cover plate, the most attention must be the quality problem, so it is very important to choose the image of a good manufacturer. On the choice of this aspect, we can choose our friends recommended by the manufacturer, also may know in the industry, and the best from the customer to understand, this factory product quality is guaranteed. Besides the choice of manufacturer, we also need to pay close attention to production materials, selection of raw materials do not necessarily produce the high quality product, but quality and reliable products with reliable quality raw material, so the choose and buy time to check the label of production material is a feasible method.

Now there are a lot of new products on the market, which can be used to indicate the performance of the new products. For this type of products, we can purchase a small amount of trial.

Spring is a dry and windy season, and when the manufacturers of the panels are producing or storing the boards, there is a lot to pay attention to.

First is in production, because the Film Faced Plywood in the process of machining the need for drying, etc., but the spring is windy in the north, so pay attention to the plank clean health is very important, do not touch is Film Faced Plywood manufacturers such as dust on the need to pay attention to the first question. Secondly, when storing the board, try to stay away from the source of fire, don't have fireworks in the warehouse, and prepare the fire extinguishing equipment, which can prevent fire from happening in many ways. The plates we produce are made of wood, so there is no water in the warehouse to prevent the plate from dampiness or the glue falling off. Many manufacturers will choose to store in the open air, so it is best to put plastic cloth on the board to cover and prevent the wet sheets such as spring rain.

The Film Faced Plywood has good effect in the construction or furniture making, so it is very popular, so the manufacturers must pay attention to many aspects when storing in spring.