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The Solution To The Deformation Of The Film Faced Plywood
Jul 03, 2017

The solution to the deformation of the Film Faced Plywood

Film face plywood is a kind of temporary supporting structure, it according to the design requirements, in accordance with the provisions, the location of the concrete structure, the components, geometry shape and maintain its correct position, and film face plywood under dead weight and external load. The Film Faced Plywood has an important influence on the quality control of engineering.

1. When assembling the small steel modules, the fittings should be placed according to the regulations, and the spacing and specification of the purlin and pull bolts shall be set according to the design requirements.

2. The bottom of the beam span should be able to guarantee the concrete weight and do not produce deformation under construction load, support for mud at the bottom of the foundation, should strengthen earnestly, drains, and laying length mat wood or steel, to ensure that don't support subsidence.

3. When construction of wood veneer and plywood board is used, the concrete shall be poured in time when the experience is qualified, so as to prevent the prolonged exposure of the wood.

4. Film face plywood and support system design, should give full consideration to its own weight, construction load and when the concrete is poured concrete complacent and lateral pressure, to ensure that the film face plywood and bracket have enough bearing capacity, stiffness and stability.

5. For the concrete beams and plates with a span of not less than 4m, the laminar should be based on the design requirements; When the design has no specific requirements, the arch height should be 1/1000-3/1000 of the span.

The purpose of the template is to form and maintain the new concreting, so as to achieve a certain strength in order to withstand the temporary structure of gravity and to remove the model board. Film Faced Plywood The template system of reinforced concrete structure is composed of two parts. The first one is to form the form of concrete member shape and design dimension. The second is to guarantee the shape, size and the space position of the support system.

The main advantage of the laminating board is that it is designed to be arbitrarily, especially for concrete structures or components that are complex and not very large. In addition, due to the low thermal conductivity of the wood, in the concrete winter construction, Film Faced Plywood the cover plate has a certain effect. The laminating board has low repetition rate and large loss. In order to save the wood, China began to "steel wood" from the early 1970s, so far, the utilization rate of the covered slab has been greatly reduced in the construction of cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures. The wood laminated plate can overcome the shortcomings of the covered plate.

Forestry ecological construction in our country has remarkable significant achievement, but a serious shortage of forest resources is still in our country, the overall function is still very weak, the ecological environment deterioration trend has not been fundamental change, and the needs of economic and social development is not very adapt. Per capita forest area is just 0.13 hectares, per capita forest storage volume is 9.42 cubic meters, respectively, only 22 percent and 15 percent of the world average. The level of productivity is only 20% of the forestry developed countries. Desertification, stony desertification and land desertification seriously restrict the sustainable development of economic and social development in western and southwest regions.

Is expected to "twelfth five-year" period, our country commodity material total demand will reach 350 million cubic meters, and domestic goods material supplies can only hold about 200 million cubic meters, commodity material supply and demand gap of about 150 million cubic meters, the supply and demand contradiction is very outstanding. Countries have tightened restrictions on the export of logs, making it more difficult for Chinese timber imports. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization rate and self-sufficiency of wood are greatly improved, and the supply of wood and forest products after the peak of China's population entering the peak season in 2015 is effectively solved.

At present, Film Faced Plywood the reform of collective forest right system has been pushed away from the whole country and achieved significant progress and remarkable results. After the collective forest land approval, Film Faced Plywood to further deepen the reforms, consolidate Lin Gaicheng fruit, perfect forestry science and technology service, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and technology promotion, help scientific management of forest woodland, the development of forestry industry, Film Faced Plywood in "the mountains weights-making, tree roots, centering", on the basis of real make broad forest "dare to put into, the good management, can get rich", the responsibility of forestry science and technology work.