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Want To Buy Good Plywood Should Pay Attention To What?
Jun 26, 2017

Want to buy good Plywood should pay attention to what?
Plywood is nowadays home decoration and engineering decoration commonly used as a decorative veneer sheet, because of its good applicability, and excellent expression of the effect, also began to be more consumers accepted, its wear-resistant scratch, easy to clean , Durable, fire retardant characteristics of the market has been unanimously approved. But now the market Plywood sales business is very much, because the existence of speculators, the quality is also uneven, so we have to buy Plywood before they have a detailed understanding, so as to buy high-quality Plywood is not fooled!
   First of all we have to understand the difference between the Plywood in the natural wood board, Plywood is made of artificial panels, the surface lines for the printing press, relatively speaking texture is more regular, natural wood board surface lines are naturally different, ; Plywood wear resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, flame retardant and environmental economy are better than natural wood
   Another is the decorative, good Plywood appearance should have a better aesthetic, material and meticulous uniform, clear color, beautiful wood, pure plain, there are good sense of embossed texture, there is a unique beauty of man-made sheet.
   The third good Plywood surface should be no obvious flaws, the choice of Plywood surface should be smooth, no burrs, hook marks and planer marks, no glue phenomenon, the surface without cracks, cracks, no clip skin, resin capsule and tree Of the whole plate of the natural warpage is small, there is no material revealed by the sand through the phenomenon;
   The fourth point of a good Plywood adhesive layer structure is stable, no open plastic phenomenon, between the surface veneer and substrate, the substrate will not appear between the layers of drums, layered phenomenon; with the quality of plastic is also better, formaldehyde content Low, smell the edge of the board without or have a slightly irritating smell.
   The fifth point if the conditions can be sampled with boiled water, a good Plywood boiled on the two hours or so there will be slightly bent legs, there will not be layered.
   The sixth point do not blindly pursue the low price, good Plywood prices certainly will not be very low, to produce high-quality Plywood must have high-quality raw materials and process control, which is certainly not low cost, so Buy Plywood or to look for Plywood brand, can not blindly pursue low prices.
 There are children's home Plywood furniture and the wall is notes on the inevitable, if it is a color pen, Gel Ink pen, pencil and the like can be erased directly with an eraser can. If it is oily mark pen can be used cloth or paper towel dipped in alcohol if there is no alcohol spicy effect is also very good, and then wipe can be removed, if the crayon can be used cardboard or plastic plate scraping on it can not Will damage the surface.
   If you stick on the mud, glue with cardboard or plastic plate first scraping, and then wipe with a damp cloth or rubber, you can effectively deal with the general stains. If the toilet water stains, etc., with a damp cloth can be er.
  In general, good quality Plywood is easy to clean, not easy to damage and scratch, more durable, so in the purchase of Plywood to ensure the quality of the brand, Greena Plywood has been based on brand quality for the industry foothold , More than 20 years to undertake a number of high-end renovation of the plate supply, by the customer Chennai and praise.