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What Are The Precautions For Storing Medium Density Fiberboard
Sep 05, 2017

What are the precautions for storing Medium density fiberboard
    Medium density fiberboard to wood as the main raw material, its reasonable structure and the production process of fine processing, can generally overcome the wood defects, greatly improve and improve the physical and mechanical properties of wood, and thus in the packaging industry is extremely widely used. But it is in the storage package, some matters need attention.
    1. At the construction site, the Medium density fiberboard should be placed on a flat level of boring sites, the bottom of not less than three 10 × 10cm wooden side of the level of support to prevent the ground moisture on the Medium density fiberboard corrosion. It should be noted that it is not stored in a very high temperature to prevent cracking of wood.
    2. In the process of transport and storage, should prevent the sun and rain caused by the dense deformation of the MDF and the appearance of film aging.
    3. Should avoid the sharp things to prevent damage to the surface of the density of fiberboard phenolic resin film, if long storage, should be in the density of fiberboard surface coating agent to be maintained.
Medium density fiberboard is one of the most widely used materials, almost every family has its existence, but it is in use, we also pay attention to some maintenance measures. So how do we keep it up?
Due to the material of the wood itself, the new plate will be some defects, the need for repair, maintenance, Medium density fiberboard use, there will be some subtle scratches, which can be filled with putty, filled flat, Of the repair material for paint seal. Larger damage, holes can be used after the use of wood wedge in the use of putty, repair paint repair, each use of Medium density fiberboard after the need to fully hygienic MDF, sanitary MDF appearance should be used to prevent the use of sharp things to prevent damage Density of fiberboard surface phenolic resin film, if a long time deposit should be in the density of fiberboard surface coating agent to be maintained.
In addition, in the transport and storage process, should pay attention to prevent the density of fiberboard due to sun and rain caused by the dramatic deformation and appearance of the film aging phenomenon.
   Ordinary Medium density fiberboard adjacent layer of the board is its grain "vertical", the number of layers is odd, we pick it, we should pay attention to some places to select the satisfaction of the Medium density fiberboard.
    1. Appearance: select the table smooth and smooth grain clear, the glue layer can not have a bubble, layered phenomenon. Avoid the selection of the panel splice from the seam, stack and core stack. More than 6 mm of Medium density fiberboard to determine whether the warpage is excessive, special plate warpage can not exceed 0.5%, one or two plates can not exceed 1%, third board can not exceed 2%.
    2. Size: Do not buy the thickness of the size of the short two serious Medium density fiberboard.
    3. Formaldehyde release: the state prohibits the sale of formaldehyde emission greater than 5.0mg / L of the board for interior decoration, this point to understand clearly.
    4. Gluing strength: available knife along the glue layer to pry open the plywood, observe the residual layer of wood on the traces of wood. Such as peeling off the surface of the more wood, indicating that the quality of Medium density fiberboard is better, such as MDF veneer along the adhesive layer of peeling, gum surface to see the residual wood, to prove the strength of the wood has not yet fully play The adhesive layer has been broken, so the glue strength is poor.
  Now coincided with the summer, but also the excess season, the environment is relatively humid, if not pay attention to the density of fiberboard moldy situation is very normal, then how should prevent this situation?
If you want to clean the Medium density fiberboard, then first of its plenty of dry before they can be put into use again. To ensure that the Medium density fiberboard itself boring and clean, if conditions permit, try to avoid the wooden tray for a long time to place.
But also to ensure that the air dry or kiln dry, relatively dry boring costs will be lower, but time-consuming will be longer. You can also use a heat treatment, this method is generally able to kill wood insects or insect larvae, thereby preventing the density of fiberboard moldy.
Pay attention to the density of fiberboard in the surrounding environment, try to avoid the flow of humid air is not used in the environment, so as to better maintain the Medium density fiberboard dry and clean.