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What Is An PVC Edge Banding Margin?
Jun 08, 2017

What is an PVC Edge Banding margin?
Environmental protection edge band as the name suggests is different from the traditional non-environmental protection of the ordinary type of edge. Environmental protection edge by the composition and can be environmentally friendly PVC edge, environmental protection ABS edge.

       With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are increasingly concerned about environmental issues, not only for environmental protection requirements of the plate, but also with the matching of each kind of accessories also made environmental requirements. At present, the export of foreign countries generally require environmental protection, the domestic part of the high-end furniture manufacturers also began to use environmental protection edge banding.

      In order to meet the needs of customers, began to produce environmentally friendly ABS edge band. The traditional edge banding is polyvinyl chloride is a poor thermal stability of the polymer, in order to facilitate the molding, the need to add a lot of additives in the formula, such as plasticizers, heat stabilizers and processing aids and so on. Most of the additives contain varying amounts of harmful substances and harmful substances such as hydrogen chloride, aromatic hydrocarbons and other harmful substances in the process, such as commonly used phthalate plasticizers (DOP, DBP, DINP, BBP, DEHP Etc.), many studies have pointed out that the possible harm of such substances, the EU and the United States has clearly defined the use of such substances in children's toys and children's care products. PVC heat treatment necessary for heat stabilizer is also an important source of harmful substances, living in the price advantage, the current large number of heat stabilizers used for lead and stearic acid salts, the former lead class stabilizer in the lead element For one of the eight heavy metals, the lead compounds have cumulative toxicity. The ABS is a comprehensive mechanical properties of the best material, with high strength and high toughness, is a tough material. ABS products using the temperature of -40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, PVC products using the temperature of -30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, we can see compared with PVC, ABS products have a wider range of applications. ABS processing from the edge of the edge of the ABS itself adhering to the excellent performance, compared with the traditional PVC edge banding, not only with its considerable strength, but also with PVC edge can not match the advantages and disadvantages of toughness is new Generation of high-end furniture edge closure of the ideal decorative material.

       With the improvement of production technology, and the careful selection of raw materials, the market has emerged environmentally friendly PVC edge band. It appears to reduce the production costs of furniture manufacturers, because the price is lower than the environmental ABS edge bandier. Can be accepted by the majority of furniture manufacturers, while achieving environmental requirements. To meet the needs of domestic and foreign manufacturers, the current domestic production of environmentally friendly PVC edge of the manufacturers not much, my company Shanghai Plastic Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is one of them.

The future of environmental protection has become the topic of concern about the times, environmentally friendly edge band, will have a broader market.