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What Is The Best Time To Store Plywood?
Sep 25, 2017

What is the best time to store Plywood?
    Plywood is widely used in a variety of furniture manufacturing, widely loved by people, but after the purchase of Plywood, in a timely manner under good storage conditions, the Plywood will have a shelf life, then the best Plywood storage How long is it?
       Plywood has the best use of life and life, so whether in the storage process or in use should pay attention to its use period and storage period, usually the maximum length of the Plywood in the library storage time shall not exceed two months.
       Plywood requirements Storage environment must ensure that dry and ventilated, must be avoided with the oil, corrosive substances placed together, and must be good rain and waterproof work. It should also be noted that the Plywood will be stored for a long time because of moisture in the air lead to Plywood moisture content increased, thus affecting the physical properties of sheet metal and sheet quality.
       Therefore, it is recommended that the Plywood best date for no more than 60 natural days, that is, two months, the maximum length of Plywood in the library time of not more than 6 months, the appropriate reduction in storage time, help to protect the Plywood quality, more conducive to the late The use of products.
       In order to ensure the quality of the use of Plywood and construction quality, Plywood is best within two months of the library will be used within the library Plywood. In this way, the Plywood is the best time to store Plywood.
      Plywood has a great strength, excellent toughness, medium density fiberboard material is more uniform, suitable for processing. Plywood is made of wood cut into a veneer or cut from the wooden side of the veneer, and then adhesive glue made of three or more layers of plate-like material, usually with odd-level veneer, and the adjacent layer of veneer Of the fiber direction perpendicular to each other. So what is the principle of Plywood symmetry? The details are as follows:
       1, regardless of which symmetrical center of the distance are equal, and the types of wood are the same, the thickness is the same.
       2, if the center of the veneer of the center of the Plywood with the symmetry of the center coincide, the number of Plywood should be odd.
       3, if the symmetry of the veneer position has two, it is possible to use the same method of manufacturing, fiber direction is parallel.
       4, Plywood above have cross-section, and symmetrical center of the two sides are the same number of pairs, symmetrical position of the Tsui board is also the same distance.
   The Plywood is usually made of odd-numbered veneers and the fibers of the adjacent veneers are perpendicular to each other. So when the edge of the general often appear what defects? What are the solutions? Here for your details:
       One, not parallel
       If the edge of the plate, the two sides of the plate is not parallel, then you need to flatten the plate after the saw, you can also check the saw position.
       Second, the arc
       For the edge of the edge of the board need to adjust the pressure, you can replace the blade.
       Three, rough saw the rough
       Cut the edge of the rough, but also to slow down the speed of the feed, check the installation of saw blade.
       Four, burning saws
       If there is a sawing, it is necessary to adjust the speed of the feed, check the parallelism, you can also take the cooking softening method.
       The general production of Plywood in the finished product before the need for cutting, and the smaller the edge cut, the higher the utilization rate of wood. Of course, this is a certain degree of precision requirements, the above is the Plywood cut when the defects of how to solve all the content, I hope you will help the future operation.