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Why Is The High Pressure Laminate Sheet Welcomed By The Market
Jun 26, 2017

Why is the high pressure laminate sheet welcomed by the market
In recent years, the house hot drive a lot of people to decorate the upsurge of decoration, decoration, plate is certainly not indispensable, familiar people will know the market appeared a called "green beauty plate" decoration materials, building materials city Will also see a variety of environmentally friendly US resistant board stores continue to appear, quickly occupied the market, and now the market is environmentally friendly US-resistant board there are two main categories: melamine board and fire board (thermosetting resin impregnated paper high pressure laminated board), from the whole On the fire board relative to the melamine board is more upscale and more durable!
Why environmental protection board by the market welcome it?
   First of all, high pressure laminate sheet the modern concept of time is very strong, the requirements of the higher efficiency, and the traditional decoration is not a simple and quick thing, just bought a new house, after renovation will have to wait for a long time to stay, which spent time and effort Too long, so it was put forward can not quickly renovated, saving time and effort of it. From the material to start, so the environmental protection of the United States on the plate material appeared, environmental protection US resistance plate material is the material itself with a grainy lines, no paint or paint with solid wood materials can be used for walls, furniture, doors, etc. local. Is the solid wood, wallpaper, paint the replacement products. There is the concept of environmental protection began to win the hearts of people, the United States resistant to environmental protection materials can also be personalized custom.
   The market outlook is so extensive, high pressure laminate sheet but also inseparable from the environmental beauty of the superiority of the product itself, mention decoration we all think, ventilation three months first, there is taste, will mold, and the color is simple, single style, operational trouble, but environmental beauty Resistance to the diversity of the board in line with the 80,90 after the representative of the consumer concept and aesthetic changes, to promote further development of the economic industry, the installation of more convenient and popular, three-dimensional, plastic, healthy green, easy entry and other words, these Today's decorative industry hot new mainstream consumer aesthetic can show people on the home decoration intelligent hot! As a fast, environmentally friendly, stylish, personalized and other key words, including the United States and the United States resistant plate decoration system, has gradually been known, and gradually won the favor and love.
Environmental protection of the specific advantages of the United States are:
   1. high pressure laminate sheet Quick installation For wallpaper, paint, convenient and fast, wool embryo room surface treatment processes, labor costs are relatively large, but the beauty plate can be installed directly in the hair room wall.
   2. US resistant plate easy to clean, wear scratch, durable, relative to other products, fire-retardant, moisture-proof mold.
   3. high pressure laminate sheet Environmental pollution is also an important feature of the installation can be directly after the stay, no smell, the human body is not much harm.
   4. Plasticity; high pressure laminate sheet relative to the paint monotonous, wallpaper dull, environmentally friendly beauty of the rich variety of colors, finishes three-dimensional realistic, diverse patterns, designers free color scheme.