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Your Cabinets PVC Edge Bands Safe?
Feb 02, 2016

Is a wood based panel producer in China, is the Cabinet (especially the plate Cabinet) production and consumption, is an important base for global production of PVC Cabinet edge. Due to PVC resin is rich in resources, low price and excellent processing performance, and other advantages, is widely used by many edge Cabinet edges for the production of primary

Raw materials. But some of the special requirements for PVC edge banding, makes its own problems, in a production at the edge like you want to add: processing additives, pigments, inks, additives, coatings and other materials, most of these materials contain high levels of heavy metals and residues after processing at the edge.

Developed countries fully to realize the harmfulness of heavy metals on humans, the heavy metal content of the imported furniture and materials are strictly controlled. Also introduced domestic regulations and standards, but some edge banding suppliers because of cost and the technical factors, produced by the edge of a considerable number of heavy metals content in.